Consequences of hair loss

Consequences of hair loss

Hair loss is like the first wrinkles. They look into the mirror and suddenly the “ravages of time” grin back. What were lovely laughter lines yesterday are now unloved signs of aging. If more than 100 hairs remain in the comb, which are considered normal, all alarm bells sound.

Diffuse hair loss or a hair loss disease?

Hair loss woman or hair loss men, that hardly makes a difference. Both sexes associate the loss of hair with the irretrievable loss of youthfulness and freshness. Ultimately, it means a lack of attractiveness. The feeling of growing old before time does not only lead to a loss of self-confidence for those affected in the golden age, but also affects young men in whom the hair line slowly slides backwards or women in whom diffuse hair loss thins the middle parting. Hair loss Women or hair loss Men can mean the beginning of a painful path of suffering.

In Search of the Magic Hair Loss Home remedy

Friends are consulted. Every straw is grasped. Aloe vera, followed by apple vinegar, jojoba oil and wheat beer, everything is desperately tried out. The most popular hair loss home remedy is biotin, which is touted as a magical hair treatment and as a healing vitamin pill. It is regarded as a beauty vitamin because it is responsible for the healthy growth of hair, skin and nails. But first, for a successful hair loss treatment it is important to know what is causing the hair loss, and second, you need a lot of patience if you want to rely on this hair loss home remedy.

Hair Loss Causes And Their Treatment

There’s another way. Hair transplantation, not only for men, but also for women. To do this, you must first consult a hair specialist to find out what type of hair loss you have. Our Garanthair team of doctors has decades of experience in treating hair loss patients. The following criteria are important in determining whether you are eligible for a hair transplant: Hair Loss Causes. What matters is whether you have a hair loss disease, whether your hair loss is hereditary and whether you have enough donor hair.

Permanent hair transplantation or hair thickening?

Whether you will receive a permanent hair transplant or hair thickening depends on the size of the treatment area. If you have a tonsure hair straightener, more graft hair has to be transplanted than if you have a thinned crown or secret hairline. Here you will not be able to avoid a permanent hair transplant.

Permanent hair transplantation or permanent hair thickening - is that possible?

Yes, for your own hair transplant, the Haarmedicin takes hair follicles from your hair wreath, the graft hair. This area is programmed for lifelong hair growth. Patients enthusiastically report about their own hair transplantation experiences. They have regained self-confidence and also the permanent hair thickening has brought new quality of life.

Risks and costs of hair transplantation

Only with sensitive scalp or premature sporting activity do low risks exist, for example for inflammation. You can avoid allergic reactions to the anaesthetic by informing our team of doctors at Garanthair about intolerances. If you have the procedure performed in Istanbul, you pay about 70% less than the cost of hair transplantation calculated in Germany. Our patients’ own hair transplantation experiences speak for themselves.

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