Beard hair transplantation

Beard hair transplantation

Despite all the forecasts of fashion bloggers and style experts, the beard is still in vogue. Even in ancient times, beard hair was regarded as an expression of masculinity and self-confidence. This has not changed since 2019. Whether it’s a three-day beard, a moustache with lips or a well-groomed full beard – men like to wear beards. It contours the face and helps to achieve the desired image. A three-day beard, for example, gives its wearer a cool and unconventional touch, provided it has an even and dense beard growth.

Unfortunately, not every man has this luck. Genetic predisposition, hormonal disorders or scars can cause the beard growth to leave something to be desired. If the beard hairs sprout irregularly, the beard often looks sparse and unkempt and has the opposite effect. Here a beard hair transplantation can help. Our experienced hair experts at Garanthair will be happy to advise you, free of charge, on how we can help you achieve a beautiful beard with the help of our modern transplant procedures.

Thick beard growth thanks to beard hair transplantation in Istanbul

Garanthair, one of the pioneers in Europe and Turkey, has been working with the minimally invasive FUE method since 2009. During beard transplantation, individual follicles are removed under local anaesthesia, prepared for implantation and re-inserted in the treatment area. For a perfect result, the specialist in charge needs many years of experience. He must ensure that the hair roots are inserted in the natural growth direction and the appropriate density so that the later beard growth appears authentic. At Garanthair we work with a pure, highly professional team of doctors.

Affordable for everyone: our all-round comfort package in Istanbul

The cost of a beard hair transplant is mainly determined by the number of hairs we need for the procedure to achieve a beautiful, full beard growth. It depends on the size of the area to be filled how many hairs we have to move for the procedure. Unlike hair on the head, beard hair does not grow in groups, but individually. Therefore, the donor hair, which may have been removed from the donor area at the back of the head, chest, back or legs, must be transplanted individually.
If the site is smaller, 100 follicles may be sufficient. If, however, you want a full beard growth over the entire beard area, up to 2,000 follicles can be transplanted. Our hair experts decide how many hairs need to be transplanted for your beard hair transplant. We will send you a cost estimate for the operation in Turkey, where you can save up to 70% of the costs incurred in Germany. Your comfort package booking includes:

  • the preliminary and follow-up examination by our hair experts
  • airport and hotel clinic transfers
  • the hotel stay in a luxury hotel for your three-day stay
  • the optional interpreter
  • treatment in a top clinic with state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified doctors
  • and the aftercare, which is very important to us.

You only book the flights. We take care of everything else.

After the treatment you are immediately socially acceptable again. The scarring is minimal and hardly noticeable later. After 2 weeks you may shave your beard again and only a few months later you can enjoy a full beard growth.

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