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The consequences of hair loss are a sensitive issue for many people affected. When it occurs due toage, the thinning hair is confronted with the transience of life. If women and men suffer from hairloss at a young age, they feel the loss of their full splendour of hair at the same time as the loss oftheir vitality and youthful freshness. No matter at which stage of life hair loss strikes, the result is astrong emotional burden for most people

Trust is important for successful hair transplantation

Garanthair has been working very successfully with patients in this ambivalent situation for 14 years. Our team of doctors is sensitive to the needs of those who contact us. Our hair experts listen carefully to what the patients have to say and how they can help them. They take a lot of time for counselling because we only promise those seeking help what is really feasible. Not every patient is eligible for a hair transplant and we do not want to give false hopes. This can only lead to disappointment and no one is helped. We want our patients to know right from the start that they are in good hands with us if they entrust themselves to us. All the better we can help them to solve their hair problems.

Affordable even with a small budget: hair transplantation in Istanbul

For many patients, the cost issue stands in the way when it comes to deciding on a hair transplant. During the consultation, our team examines very carefully what is necessary for the operation. The costs depend to a large extent on the number of grafts needed to fill in secret hairline corners or light areas. The more grafts that have to be transplanted, the more expensive the procedure becomes and many in Germany cannot afford it. We put together a complete package for a hair transplant in Istanbul and relieve our patients of the pressure. Only the flights are added.
This solution makes it possible for many to fulfil their dream of full hair even with a small budget. Nevertheless, our highly qualified doctors treat every patient as a king before, during and after the treatment. Aftercare and proximity to our patients are important to us. And because our experienced hair specialists know exactly what they are doing, they achieve optimal results. That is why we can give a 30-year guarantee on the transplanted hair

Enthusiastic letters of thanks speak for themselves

In the 14 years of our activity in the field of hair transplantation, we have given thousands of patients back their self-confidence and quality of life with their new, full head of hair. The enthusiastic feedback we receive almost every day speaks for itself and our team of specialists. They confirm that we are on the right track.

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