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We all lose hair all the time – we lose at least 100 hairs a day without thinking about it. Only when we find a noticeable amount of hair in the comb or brush after each hairdo do we think of pathological hair loss.

Different causes, same result: hair loss

But fortunately, there are ways and means today to do something about hair loss. There is hair transplantation, which is unaffordable for many in Germany but affordable in Turkey thanks to the low cost of living and personnel. On the other hand there is the PRP hair loss treatment.
Hereditary hair loss occurs in 60 to 80 percent of all men in Germany. First it creeps in, diffuse hair loss and secret hairline corners form and the hairline slides further back. The hair on the top of the head becomes thinner and thinner. Baldness is no longer far away.
Even women are not so rarely affected by hair loss. For them it is almost even more difficult to bear when a full hair mane says goodbye slowly and no hairstyle can hide the fact that in some places the scalp shines through. Healthy, shiny hair is associated with attractiveness and vitality in our society and this applies to both sexes. For many of those affected, self-confidence dwindles and depression lurks in the long term.
Hair loss can have many causes and can occur in many different forms depending on it. In addition to genetic causes, it can be caused by nutrient deficiency, medication, poisoning, disease, surgery and hormonal disorders. Scarring hair loss is rather rare, while circular and diffuse hair loss is relatively common.
Erbliche Vorbelastung

The magic word is called PRP.

In many hair clinics the hair transplantation is strengthened with a special self-blood treatment, which is supposed to stimulate the hair growth. In addition, this treatment, called PRP (“platelet rich plasma”) for short, prevents further hair loss after hair transplantation. The concentrate used to treat the patients is obtained from their own blood. The hair doctor injects it into the scalp where it can spread its strengthening and vitalizing effect.

PRP stem cell therapy

Our Garanthair team of doctors also swears by PRP stem cell therapy to reduce hair loss after hair transplantation and increase the viability of the transplanted hair follicles. The PRP treatment stimulates and vitalises the follicles and leads to optimal results according to our many years of experience. PRP studies in the field of hair loss research have led to similar conclusions. We can demonstrate our success with a combination of hair transplantation and PRP treatment by taking photos of patients before and after the treatment. The costs for this treatment at our clinic in Istanbul are very reasonable compared to German hair clinics.

What do the PRP injections cost?

Treatment costs vary. In Germany, you pay between 500 and 1,000 euros per session, depending on the extent of the treatment and the reputation of the hair clinic. The treatment should be repeated at least once, preferably several times. It is also advisable to repeat the PRP injections once a year in order to obtain the result of the combined hair transplantation with PRP. The costs for the pure PRP treatment are then very quickly in the thousands. With us in Turkey you find already offer starting from 170 euro. If you order our all-round carefree package, a PRP treatment is already included in the price.

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