Our Thinking Behind Strong Arguments

Our philosophy. Why are we good?

The consequences of hair loss are a highly sensitive issue for many people affected. The daily glance in the mirror at thinned hair and bald spots makes it impossible to suppress reality. Full hair is considered a characteristic of attractiveness and youthful freshness. Privet hairlines and light hair are often regarded as unkempt by fellow human beings and represent the loss of these attributes for many. A vicious circle begins and can lead sensitive people into depression. We are therefore not surprised that the decision of many of our customers to contact us is emotionally conditioned.

We listen to you

But listening is not enough. We at Garanthair want to help you. We take our time for a detailed consultation. During your stay in Istanbul you are king with us. But also after the operation we listen to you and are there for you during the aftercare and the whole healing phase. You ask, we answer. Customer proximity and individual advice are important to us.
Experience has shown that honest interaction with each other is the best basis for an optimal result when it comes to your hair. Therefore, after a detailed consultation, we will tell you in advance what your chances of success are, whether a hair transplant is worthwhile in your case and where you can best have the operation performed. We will show you before and after photos of our patients so that you can get a clear picture of the possible result of a hair transplant in Turkey. Once these questions have been answered, there are no false expectations. We want our customers to be satisfied and to pass on their positive experiences with FUE hair transplantation to others.

Our motto: Class instead of mass

Our specialists work highly professionally, qualitatively high-quality and committed, also in aftercare. 14 years of experience and thousands of highly satisfied customers speak for our concept. We offer a reliable, first-class service and our customers appreciate that. There is no mass processing with us. We advise each customer individually and in detail. Then we take care of his hair growth. Every single customer is a king. Class instead of mass.

We offer complete packages for your hair transplant in Turkey.

If you have decided to have your hair transplanted in Istanbul on the basis of our cost estimate, you do not have to reckon with hidden costs lurking somewhere. Our complete package includes luxurious accommodation in a 4/5 star hotel, VIP transfers and surgery by highly qualified hair specialists. The type of treatment determines the cost of the transplant. If we have quoted you a price based on the grafts required, it will remain that price.

Our unique FUE GOLD 4.0 method stands for success

Since Garanthair introduced FUE hair transplantation in Turkey and Europe in 2009, this unique method has continued to evolve. Our pure medical team works at university level in certified top hospitals. We want to be better than very good and make our customers happy. Satisfied customers are good customers. Therefore, we can allow ourselves to give a 30-year guarantee on the transplanted hair.
Garanthair, dedicated, highly professional and competent – your reliable partner for hair transplants.

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