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Please let us create a cost plan for the FUE hair transplantation.

The FUE hair transplant has, as described, clear advantages for you. If you are interested in such an intervention, we will gladly prepare a cost plan for your transplant and take care of the complete and complete implementation. This includes, among other things, the preliminary examination, in which we clarify in detail whether this form of treatment can even be considered for you.

Are you the candidate? We check it - before the procedure!

If the conditions are correct, we will immediately prepare your personal cost plan. This includes all costs for the actual transplantation, includes all necessary additional examinations and treatments and also includes the on-site accommodation in Istanbul and the arrival and departure. So that nothing really goes wrong with your medical trip to Turkey, we take over the entire organization of the processes. We completely organize your journey from start to finish, so you can prepare yourself for your transplantation in peace and without having to worry about any further details or questions. Of course, during the entire stay with us at any time contact persons are available to help you in any matter.

If you already have initial questions about the FUE hair transplant in Istanbul, then contact us now, we will gladly advise you on all questions.

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