Manual Hairtransplantation

Manual hair transplantation

In the field of hair transplants, there are various techniques that can be used. An important criterion for deciding which method promises the best result in your case is your hair status.

But for an optimal result it is just as important how much experience the hair specialist has who will do your hair transplant. There are numerous hair clinics in Turkey. Before you decide on a clinic, you should research carefully. Which procedures are used there? Who will treat you? What do the patient reports say about the quality of the procedure? Some doctors lack the necessary qualifications in certain areas or do not have sufficient experience. Especially with manual hair transplants, it is important that the surgeon knows exactly what he is doing.

We at Garanthair work exclusively with highly qualified and experienced hair experts, because an optimal result has the highest priority in our clinic for each of our patients.

The FUE technique

Normally we use the FUE method in our clinic, as we have decades of positive experience with this technique. Garanthair was one of the pioneers of the FUE method in Europe and Turkey in 2009. We fully support this technique.

Unlike the FUT method, which involves removing a whole strip of skin from the donor area on the back of the head, the FUE technique leaves no major scars and does not interfere with hair appearance in the donor area after healing.

FUE Hair Transplantation – Motorized or Manual?

With the FUE method, it is possible to either remove the grafts with the hair follicles manually or use a micromotor. The difference lies in the penetration into the scalp. If the hair specialist removes the grafts manually, he or she will perform the puncture from the wrist. In contrast to motorised removal, a qualified and experienced specialist can react much better to the conditions of the scalp and proceed accordingly carefully. This reduces the number of wounds and scars and ensures that the donor area heals very quickly after the procedure. You will be able to get back to social life and be ready for use more quickly. Anyone who has a lot to do with customers in their profession will appreciate this.

In addition, manual hair transplantation during donor hair removal affects fewer neighbouring follicles. The less of them are damaged during hair removal, the fuller the donor area will look later.

Is manual hair transplantation more complex than using a micromotor?

It is in the nature of things that manual hair transplantation is much more complex. The doctor can remove a maximum of 2,000 grafts during one operation. If more grafts are required for the hair transplant, he must arrange another session. In order to guarantee an optimal result, it is indispensable that the
the attending physician is also optimally trained and experienced in this technique.

Our doctors at Garanthair are highly qualified and have years of experience, making our clinic one of the few clinics in Istanbul that offers manual hair transplantation and whose team of doctors can carry it out successfully.

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