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How many grafts do you need for an optimal result of your hair transplant?

This question is not unimportant in the run-up to the decision for an own hair transplant, becausethe costs of the treatment depend essentially on the numberof grafts required. As a decision aid weprovide you with our hair calculator. With its help, you can quickly and easily find out the number ofgrafts required for your problem area, so that you can calculate the costs incurred. You remainanonymous, because the hair calculator does not need any personal photos. Of course it does notreplace the detailed hair analysis on site, but it can save you the unnecessary journey and possibledisappointment in Istanbul in case of a negative result from the outset.

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With our hair calculator from Biohair Clinic we want to help you to find out quickly and easily how many grafts are needed to achieve a visually good result by doing a hair transplant. You remain anonymous, because the calculator comes without pictures.

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