If you are thinking about having your own hair transplanted, you usually suffer a lot from hair loss. Nowadays, thick, healthy hair stands for vitality and youthfulness. Therefore, hair loss can be very stressful in the long run, especially in women. No matter which hair loss causes come into consideration, hair loss always indicates massive disturbances in the interaction of the body systems. Those affected should contact a specialist.

As a decision-making aid, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about hair transplantation in Turkey. By the way, we perform hair transplant surgeries for both men and women. We are happy to share our hair transplantation experience with our hair loss patients, also by means of photos taken beforehand afterwards. Simply get in touch with us.

The cause of hair loss should be diagnosed and treated. In many cases, hair loss can be stopped, even if no hair grows back in the light areas. In order to radiate joy of life and vitality again, there is the possibility of hair transplantation, in which donor hair is removed from the donor area at the back of the head and transplanted. The costs for the treatment are also affordable for hair loss patients with a smaller budget if they have their own hair transplant performed in Istanbul.

Hair transplant Germany or Turkey, many people affected by hair loss ask themselves. The reason why more and more patients are being treated in Istanbul is the low cost. For a hair transplant in our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, you often cost less than half the cost of a hair transplant in Germany, despite the travel costs. In Turkey, salaries and living costs are much lower than in Germany. The bill is correspondingly cheaper. Besides, you can enjoy the exotic Istanbul during the waiting times before and after the treatment.

Yes, hair transplants can be offered so cheaply in Istanbul because the wage costs are significantly lower. However, the lower costs of hair transplantation do not say anything about quality. Many of the numerous professionally equipped clinics in Istanbul have specialised in the treatment of hair loss with hair transplants. The outstanding hair loss specialists perform this operation several times a day, which leads to routine and cost-effective procedures

Depending on how far your hair loss has progressed, more or less hair needs to be transplanted. Since, however, the grafts to be transplanted are billed piece by piece, the hair transplant prices in Istanbul are one third of the costs charged in Germany.

Depending on the extent of hair loss and the elasticity of the scalp, one treatment is usually sufficient for a lasting result. The hair specialists only remove so much donor hair from the donor area at the back of the head that one or two further treatments are possible, if necessary.

Yes, fewer grafts have to be transplanted to fill or thicken the hair, which has a very favourable effect on hair transplant prices.

Yes, hair transplantation can take place in any desired direction. Later, you can style the re-grown hair in the usual way. The previous experience with hair transplants afterwards is positive in the long run.

Yes, hair loss in women is not so rare. Hair transplantation or hair thickening is useful for a high forehead with a light parting. In the case of hormonal causes, however, drug therapy is more recommended.

No. As with any organ transplant, your immune system would reject the transplanted hair.

After the initial consultation with the German Hair Transplant Doctor, you will contact the clinic in Istanbul. The clinic takes over the entire organisation from the scheduling of the operation to the return flight and the time after the hair transplant. The final decision on the operation and the number of grafts is made by the hair specialist in Istanbul. After the operation and the final consultation, you will fly back to Germany with the appropriate instructions and medication.

You must not smoke, drink alcohol or coffee before the hair transplant.

No. You will be given a local anaesthetic. This makes hair transplantation painless.

FUE hair transplantation and the FUT method are among the most modern methods. While FUE hair transplantation, which is currently the most frequently used hair transplantation method worldwide, removes and transplants each hair individually, the hair specialist removes a strip of skin with hair from the donor area at the back of the head using the FUT method. The FEU method requires a lot of precision work. The operation is therefore of longer duration and the treatment costs correspondingly higher. But this method is much more gentle. Only tiny, quickly healing punctures are produced.

Depending on the bald spot, it takes about 30 minutes to remove the grafts from the donor area. The total duration of the procedure is between 3 and 7 hours. After that you have almost done it. In order for the hair transplant to be successful, you must strictly follow the instructions of your doctor.

No. Immediately after the hair transplant, it is no longer possible to see where grafts were taken from the donor area.

How fast do hairs grow after an own hair transplant, you will ask yourself. Surely you can’t wait until you see the first results. Now you only need about 10 to 12 weeks of patience, then it’s time. Your transplanted hair will start to grow permanently. Your hair loss is history.

You should rest for the first few days. You must avoid sweating and hair contamination. You should shower with care and if you wash your hair after the first days of rest, then only with a special shampoo. A loose camping hat protects you from direct sunlight.

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