Why are we perfect?

Gone are the days when hair loss patients had to resign themselves to the fact that their youthful freshness was irretrievably saying goodbye to their thinning hair. Today everyone can use the possibility of a hair transplant.
In Turkey the business with hair transplantation is booming. Every year thousands of patients from all over the world come to Istanbul, where numerous clinics have literally sprung up.

Garanthair - pioneer of FUE technology in Turkey and Europe

Garanthair is one of the first clinics to introduce FUE hair transplantation in Turkey and Europe. Since 2009, our competent, highly committed hair specialists have been helping our patients to have fuller hair and a new zest for life. Patients from more than 50 countries turn to us with confidence. Our success in the fight against hair loss speaks for itself.

We make it easy for you. Our Garanthair all-round comfort package includes all expected costs except your flights:

  • Pre- and post-examination
  • airport transfers
  • luxury hotel stay
  • optional interpreters
  • the FUE treatment

You book, we organize, you arrive. Within three days everything is done, uncomplicated, competent and inexpensive. The costs for the treatment in our top clinic in Istanbul are despite travel and accommodation costs far lower than a treatment in Germany. The minimally invasive FUE hair transplantation using the sapphire percutaneous technique plus PRP stem cell therapy is performed by highly qualified doctors with an international reputation. The favourable price level results from the lower cost of living and personnel in Turkey.

We also take care of the pre- and aftercare and advise you individually. Our employees speak Turkish, German and English. If required, we will provide you with an interpreter. A 24-hour hotline is available in Germany.

What distinguishes FUE hair transplantation with the sapphire percutaneous technique?

With the sapphire technique, the channels for the grafts can be set perfectly. After transplantation, the grafts have no chance of falling out again or changing their direction of growth.

  • Further advantages:
  • increased growth rate
  • high hair density (up to 30% higher than with conventional hair transplants)
  • low scarring
  • hardly any complications after the operation
  • Gentle stunning without needles thanks to the Comfort-In system

FUE hair transplantation with the sapphire method is one of the best and most gentle methods to achieve an impressive end result.

What are the advantages of PRP stem cell therapy?

We use PRP stem cell therapy. This is the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) we collect from your blood. In our experience, the treatment increases the viability of the transplanted hair follicles with optimal results. It vitalizes and stimulates, as confirmed by PRP studies in the field of hair loss research. Before – after photos of patients confirm this impressively. The costs for the PRP treatment in Turkey are comparatively favorable.

What does the JCI Seal of Quality stand for?

At Garanthair, we guarantee the best possible results based on decades of international experience. This is also confirmed by the internationally renowned JCI Seal of Quality. It stands for first-class medical treatment with maximum patient safety and quality.

Outside Turkey we are active in the following countries: Egypt
Benelux countries, Germany. France, Greece, Italy, Kuwait, Spain, Russia, USA

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